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Osbanis Tejeda

Aug 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Teachers
  Osbanis Tejeda Fajardo was born in Havana, Cuba. He comes from a family of natural talent that taught him the best way to learn was by listening and watching. He Graduated a professor of Cuban percussion from the Fernando Guanches Academy, where he later worked with several Cuban musicians and taught percussion to children and adults.He developed dance when he arrived in the UK, where the important thing to him was to feel everything you see, in music and dance. For that reason he says ‘dance is to play and music is to live, so live to play’.

Performance accomplishments include:

• 2003 – choreographed a show in Edinburg Festival
• 2003 – UK Cuban Salsa Champion
• Performed and taught in Salsa Congresses all around Europe and Asia
• 2004 – Tropicana Tropics World Rueda Champion
• 2 video clips for Roll Deep
• Channel 4 : UK Music Awards 2004 (Backing dancers for Roll Deep)
• TV commercial for “We Love Salsa” V2TV Fania Compilation CD
• 2005 Havana Club tour: dancer and musician (percussion)
• ‘El Barrio’ – The real salsa musical: Peformer and Arranger
• Performed with Cuban group Orichas
• Played percussion (timbal) with latin hip hop group Latin Clan

For more info check his website http://www.osbanis.com


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  1. Hi,
    Love your style, where/when can one get lessons?

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