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Oct 3rd, 2012 | By | Category: Latest News

Manolín "El Médico de la Salsa" New Album is Out | "Tiene que ser Manolín"Widely known in the genre of Cuban salsa and timba, Manolín “El Médico de la Salsa”, returns with his new album titled “Tiene que ser Manolín” (+ a DVD).
We’ve been dancing the title track for many months, but now it’s official, the seventh musical productions of Manolín is finaly out.
16 tracks under the Xplosion Entertainment that offers a bit of everything (Salsa, Ballad and even a techno pop song).

This new album has been produced and distributed by the company Xplosion Entertainment Inc, with over 10 years experience in the music industry, and production of shows in the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America.

One of the most successful of Cuba’s young vocalists, Manolín (born Manuel Hernandez) was dubbed “El Medico De La Salsa (The Doctor of Salsa)” by Jose Luis Cortes, the leader of NG La Banda. Performing a unique brand of salsa callejera (street music), Manolín has been embraced by Cuba’s youth. A graduate of JesExtender the medical studies program at the University of Havana, Manolin has been singing informally for most of his life. While touring Mexico with a band, he decided to forsake his plans to become a psychiatrist and devote his attentions to music. With the success of his debut album, Para Mi Gente, in 1995, it was evident that he had made the right decision. Five songs on the album became hits in Cuba with one tune, “La Bola,” remaining on the Cuban charts for 54 weeks. In 1998, De Buena Fe offered another series of radio hits, broadening his appeal to other Latin markets. On U.S. radio, he started making a dent on Latin pop radio, bringing him to the attention of American distributors BMG. The company signed him up in 2002, releasing Giro Total the following spring on RCA International.

Buy the new album of Manolín “El Médico de la Salsa”, “Tiene que ser Manolín” in iTunes


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