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Oct 6th, 2008 | By | Category: Artist

Bamboleo has an incredible ability to delight dancers all over the world and send their bodies into a hip shaking frenzy. It was with this objective in mind that Bamboleo was created in 1995. As a result of their strong influence, Bamboleo has become a socio-cultural phenomenon, integrating a new style of dance, fashion and language into the Cuban culture. These elements have become an expression of the feelings and sensuality of the new generation of Habaneros.

Bamboleo has become one of the most sought after Cuban groups within the last decade. They entered the Cuban music scene during the years when the new genre, Timba, began to enjoy increasing popularity throughout the rest of the world. They were immediately tagged as “cutting edge” due to their aggressive sound and funky, avante-garde fashion sense.

However, Bamboleo was still searching for their own unique personality that could be incorperated into their performances and future recordings. They aspired to set themselves apart from the rest of the Timba acts which they felt were only cloning the music which was already popular. Founder and director Lazaro Valdes, recognized as a virtuoso for his funky piano playing style, was the key element in creating the right sound and refining the complex orchestral arrangements the have come to be know as the “Bamboleo Sound”.


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