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Timbageek.com was created on September 2008 by a group of Cuban salsa fanatics, some already involved in the salsa scene in the UK for many years & some just starting to enter the salsa world. Contact us at info@timbageek.com.

We found that there wasn’t a lot of information on the net about salsa & timba; where to go dancing, which record to buy, who are the best DJs and teachers around…

If you’re interested about advertise in out site, please see below all we can offer you and contact us info@timbageek.com

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– Leaderboard Banner (top)- 468 x 60
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– Sidebar Banner – 250 x 250
– Sidebar Blocks – 125 x 125
– Text Links ads

Some Timbageek.com Stats:

– Over 3000 unique visitors per month and growing
– Over 10000 pageviews per month and growing
– 1st page on Google.com & co.uk with the keyword ‘London Cuban Salsa’, ‘London cuban’
(and other popular keywwords)

Top 10 countries the last 6 months
(Countries Unique Visitors in percent_

United Kingdom 41.09%
United States 23.94%
France 3.59%
Germany 3.53%
Italy 3.44%
Spain 3.05%
Canada 2.11%
Netherlands 1.52%
Colombia 1.29%

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