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    WOMAD Festival | World of Children | 24-26 July

    Festivals are special for me! at sixteen, I went to Reading Festival drinking sickly alcopops and dancing to The Stone Roses in low-slung combats. At twenty, it was Glastonbury – the last one before they introduced proper ticketing. Some Scousers stole my mobile phone; but I’ll never forget watching Morcheeba with a Somerset sunset behind […]

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    About Us

    Here you can find a bit of information about the birth of TimbaGeek.

    We are a group of salsa fanatics of cuban salsa; some already involved, with some years in the Salsa world in the UK & some very beginners.

    Any time you can find us somewhere at Salsa clubs, Festivals, congresses or any other event with cuban flavour.

    We couldn`t find one site that included all the relevant information, a “timba geek” should know, like where to go dancing and other Salsa links.

    After having a lovely meal and a few bottles of champagne (to be honest, they were more like beers), we decided to put our efforts together to create an easy access website for "timba geeks". This is our contribution! A selection of events for London, of course, with other useful news. This is a small selection and we know that it will never be complete, but we'll try our best to update ourselves with the most important events and news around.

    If you have any questions or if you want more information or you would like to be kept up to date, just send us a mail to info@timbageek.com

    ¡Sueltate Salsero y ven a bailar! ¡Tenemos el sabor que te gusta!

Latest News

featuredimage WOMAD Festival 2015 | Countdown is here

The festival season is upon us and I am always very excited around this time. I try to make it ...

featuredimage Juan Luis Guerra in London | Tuesday 14th July 2015

Juan Luis Guerra  - one of biggest and most enduring stars of Latin music for the past quarter of a ...

featuredimage Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club ‘Adios Tour’ featuring Eliades Ochoa & Omara Portuondo | 30th July 2015

After 16 years thrilling audiences around the world, the Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club® is set to bid ‘Adios‘ with ...

featuredimage Gilberto Santa Rosa in London 14th November | CANCELLED

We are sorry to announce that Gilberto Santa Rosa has cancelled his European Tour in November and with it his ...

featuredimage Pupy y los que Son Son in London | 30 May 2015

His name is César Pedroso Fernández, but everyone called him "Pupy" , composer, writer, arranger, pianist and director of Pupy ...


Buy Cuban Music

First, check out our extensive listings for Cuban groups and individual musicians. On each of their pages, chances are that we have listed their CDs. The TimbaGeek Store of Latin jazz, Timba Cubana, Cuban Salsa, Reggaeton, and everything in between. This selection of bands have been designed for people that enjoy Cuban music and it […]


Manolin El Medico de la Salsa – “Mi Desastre” | Video Oficial

    Manolin El Medico de la Salsa is working in his new album “Tiene que ser Manolin”, Here you have the first promotional song Valium of a beautiful song titled “Mi Desastre“. Manolin El Medico de la Salsa is back with his impressive rhythmic base & amazing lyrics….


DJ Green Papi – Oriente Star Sound

DJ Green Papi is recognised as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Cuban DJs in the UK. His DJing career began in 1995 shortly after arriving in the UK, although his musical tastes date back to his hometown of Guantanamo (Cuba), where his influences were shaped by the many different kinds of Afro-Cuban rhythms […]


Where to Dance Salsa in London

Are you a Cuban salsa lover? Are you living or visiting London and you would like to have some fun dancing? Then, you might be interested on this information. Here you will find the best places for dancing Cuban salsa of London! WEEKLY Buffalo bar – Every Monday Cuban Mecca for many, Buffalo bar is […]


Susan Hacking

If you’ve ever been in any of the Cuban Salsa Congresses of the UK, the Buffalo Bar or other Salsa Caribe Venues in London, you know Susan Hacking. Her unique combination of deep understanding of the Cuban movements, spotless pedagogy and uplifting feelings are part of the charm which characterise her classes. Trained in a […]

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